We Are Online!

We are proud to embark the journey towards blankets' freedom! After a lengthy deliberations, FreeTheBlankets.com is finally online. Conceived by frustrated friends during a journey to Myanmar (Burma), planed in a Philippines hike and actuated during a Guatemala voyage, FreeThebBlankets has a vision and a mission:

By the year 2020, all blankets in all hotel rooms around the world, will be untucked. We aim to change the paradigm ruling hotels' rooms, where blankets are tucked in. FreeThebBlankets envisions a world in which one can enter the hotel room, take a shower, and simply slip into a comfortable, spacious, and easy to roll around bed. Let hotel rooms welcome us with beautifully made yet untucked beds, and save us the tedious process of pulling, pushing, messing the blankets and sheets or caving our way into and out of bed.

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